Introducing the Vision AI Developer Kit for IoT Solution Makers

Integrated with Azure IoT Edge and working with the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning service (public preview), this Azure IoT Starter kit enables developers to build vision AI solution and run their AI models on the device.

Create Intelligent Apps for IoT Sensors

In this era of intelligent cloud and intelligent edge, developers will need to write applications for a range of connected devices. The Azure IoT Edge runtime makes it easy to create applications from cloud to edge, leveraging advanced AI services. Today we are announcing the public preview of a vision AI developer kit—the newest addition in the Microsoft Azure IoT Starter kit family—for IoT solution makers to easily deploy AI models built using Azure Machine Learning and Azure IoT Edge.

Have a device?

Setup your device here. Link coming soon.

Build your own vision AI solution

Start with the Azure Notebook for a reference model. Link coming soon.

Build your own AI Camera using the reusable components from this reference HW design.

This is the GitHub repo with details for you to get started on your custom version of the AI Camera.

If you would like to build a enhanced version of this AI Camera then contact our manufacturing partner Altek Corporation.